"I have been seeing Dr. Caffery for a couple of years now. He has been a godsend. I have gone to many other integrative physicians over the the last decade trying to both figure out why I did not feel well and what to do about it. All have have done their best, but Dr. Caffery has been, by far, the one who has helped me the most to both figure out what was not working and what to do about it. I am feeling so much better now and am able to live a normal, active enjoyable life. I came to him with multiple conditions from Hashimoto's, adrenal fatigue, chronic, serious infections, awful sleeping patterns, heart issues, etc., but now at 67 I am leading a very active and fulfilling life again.

Not only is he the most knowledgeable doctor I have met, he is also extremely caring and compassionate. You get all the time you need with him and more. Plus he is quite accessible when you are in need. I highly recommend him."
- Yanni Maniates


"In just 2 months you were able to achieve what no other functional medicine doctor was able to….help me get my energy back.  But way more  important, you reversed the trajectory of my years of downward spiraling and now I have my health back!!  

I was dealing with 10 years of adrenal fatigue, then later came thyroid issues and most concerning were the serious memory issues I was experiencing (felt like I was heading for Alzheimer’s disease).  As a masters student of nutrition and functional medicine, I was already doing everything I thought possible and told the same by my prior doctors who are leaders in the field.  Definitely left me feeling a bit hopeless.

However I now feel absolutely wonderful and better than I have in years!!  And that’s just after 2 months of working with you. All thanks to the vast amount of knowledge you have of the human body, down to every last enzyme, and the brain.  Dr Caffery  – you are truly in a league of your own!  And what’s more impressive is your ability to communicate complex information so that anyone can understand the reasons to comply with their individual treatment plan. (My teenage children are patients as well and follow their protocol without any nagging on my part.)

Dr. Caffery, you are a rare gem and my entire family is so grateful that we found you!"


"I know we will see you in a few weeks but I couldn't wait to share with you how well Kaydon is responding to the tVNS. We are 10 days into the treatment, and today was the 8th consecutive day of him not being controlled by his anxiety. It is so refreshing to have our son back! I have seen him smile and be playful, be affectionate with me and get along with the family. We have not seen this in the past 8 months. He has been waking up in the mornings and getting out the door for school without any meltdowns or the constant complaint of being sick.  He has also been consistently eating a small amount of protein in the morning (previously refused breakfast) and has introduced one new food into his diet in past week. That is a huge victory for someone who has such a limited repertoire of foods that he will consistently eat.  I know we are early into this treatment, but this way of functioning seems to be his new normal. We hope so!"


“At the age of 6 months, our youngest daughter developed her first UTI/kidney infection. We were referred to a pediatric urologist who informed us she had urinary reflux and an enlarged kidney. No sooner than a week after each round of antibiotics, her fever would spike, she would vomit violently, and we were back at the hospital, fighting infection after infection. After her third infection in an approximate three month span, the only treatment offered to us was continuous antibiotics for six months. We knew there had to be a better solution for her. We sought Dr. Caffery’s help and he recommended treatment with D-Mannose powder. We were not expecting a miracle, but that is exactly what we got! Since taking D-Mannose daily, our daughter has been infection and problem free for almost one year now. It changed her life. Today we had an ultrasound and check up with her urologist. He released her with a clean bill of health. He also sat down and asked me to tell him more about our D-Mannose treatment because he was impressed with both the immediate and long-term results. If it weren’t for Dr. Caffery, I truly believe our daughter would be living a life of excessive antibiotics and recurrent infections. We can’t thank him enough!”


“I just wanted to tell you that I am feeling amazing every day and I have you to thank. I try to remember how I felt before I saw you and I just know that I felt crappy and edgy alot of the time. What a difference! I’m handling stress waaaay better too.”


“At 20 years old health is not something that you think about let alone thinking about your thyroid. Although I loved college, I was wretched with depressive thoughts, dramatic weight gain to weight loss, anxiety to euphoria, essentially the craziest emotions and physical conditions. No one, endocrinologist, gynecologist, primary care doctor, but Dr. Caffery has made any progress with my health. I thought no one would hear me out and that my 20s would be a constant battle for sanity.

Finally 5 years after getting sick my feelings are confirmed, I have Hashimoto’s and I would never have known without Dr. Caffery. After seeing him for 3 months I have regained my life back, I lost 15 pounds, have the energy to work out, my mood swings have ended, and I feel like a normal human being that can enjoy living again. Recently, I saw my endocrinologist for a check up and I can tell you Dr. Caffery is a Mercedes compared to my Buick endocrinologist. I have the power back in my hands and although this will be a life long battle that sadly started earlier than most, I am now on friendly terms with my sickness and know how to cope with inflammations. Having an auto immune disease for the rest of my life will be a challenge but one I know I can take on because of Dr. Caffery, he made me see that having an auto immune disease isn’t a death sentence it’s just a route to a healthier life.”
 - Meagan M.


“I was diagnosed with Positional Vertigo and the doctor thought that physical therapy would take care of it. I went to therapy 4 or 5 times with no lasting results. An MRI was ordered along with some other testing. It was determined that a virus was the cause of my vertigo. I was given exercises, but nothing seemed to help. I was told that I would just have to learn to manage my vertigo the best that I could. About this time, my niece told me about a friend of hers who had vertigo for 2 years before she found out about Dr. Caffery. After working with Dr. Caffery for just a short while she was symptom free. I decided to see Dr. Caffery and the same was true for me. Following his diet, doing the exercises he gave me and taking supplements, I had no symptoms in just a couple of weeks. Not only did he help me overcome the vertigo, he also found out that I was dangerously deficient in B-12 and Vitamin D. Within a few months of taking the supplements he recommended, I was back on track. I will be forever grateful for the care and treatment I received from Dr. Caffery.”


“I had heard of Dr. Caffery as a great “alternative” practitioner and thought that I would keep him in mind in case the need ever arose to need health care. About 5 or 6 years ago, Mark and I were in a car accident and have been seeing him as our sole health care provider ever since. Upon our initial introduction, he did a full blood, nutritional, neurological and physical evaluation like I’ve never had before in my life. He then addressed neurological issues from the car accident, nutritional and allergy issues, endocrine/immunological issues and digestive issues. I have never met anyone who knows as much about the human body and the intricacies of how the varying systems interact as well as he does... 

...Seeing him and continuing to work with him has been one of the best investments Mark and I have ever made in our health. At this point, we see him about once a year or so for maintenance, our annual physical, and for annual blood work. I can’t recommend him highly enough for a present health issue or to see for one’s annual physical.”


"I first started working with Dr. Caffery in the fall of 2012. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2005, I searched for holistic alternatives to healing my body. After 7 years of trying different regimens with mediocre results, I was ready to accept the fact that my life would never be normal again. It came to a point where my diet was so clean, (vegan, mostly raw) and yet I would still see symptoms of my disease. More concerning were the other reactions my body was having to that lifestyle. I was constantly tired with low energy and I began gaining weight. My body would go through the most painful menstrual cycles, my skin would break out randomly, and my hair seemed to be thinning, even though I'm still in my 20's. I tried everything and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. 

Being introduced to Dr. Caffery changed my life. Through specific blood testing, that isn't commonly done, along with stool and saliva tests, we were able to see what was really going on with me. My body required the total opposite diet I was slaving myself to stick to. The supplements that I thought were helping me, had other ingredients in them that were actually harming me! Basically, I was doing everything wrong, even though I had done a lot of my own research and saw multiple western and holistic doctors. No one could really figure me out, except for Dr. Caffery. 

Having an auto-immune disease is a complicated thing to manage. Not only was I dealing with issues from my ulcerative colitis, but I was experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms with wild blood sugar swings and deficiencies in my hormone levels, which were the root cause of my skin breakouts, hair loss, and extreme cramps. 

After two years, Dr. Caffery has been like a detective, having the advanced knowledge to know how the body will react to every action you take, be it supplementation to daily living. He's been there to help me fine tune every area of my life, giving me great advice and recommendations that have allowed me to regain my health. I'm normal again.

All the time wasted in the first 7 years, I only wish I had met Dr. Caffery when I was first diagnosed. If you have the chance to work with him, consider yourself blessed."
- Angela Scherrah


"Hi Dr. Caffery,

I just wanted to give you an update and share some exciting news. We had Layton's annual IEP meeting at school last week and he was dismissed from all services. He mastered all his goals and did not present with an educational need for services. Every person in that room was amazed and kept telling us "you know this never happens, right?" By the time the meeting was over everyone had your website pulled up on their laptops.

We also went in for his 6 year old well visit and his pediatrician was fascinated by all we achieved since working with you. She spent a long time with us and took many notes as this is something she has been reading and learning more about. So great to see medical providers being open to a functional approach to treatment.

Layton continues to be doing great. What we are seeing more of now is him initiating his exercises and understating his body and triggers. He often says "I really need to do my brain exercises right now" when he gets wound up. That is pretty amazing that a 6 year old is able to do that!"


"Being in the healthcare field myself, I arrived at Dr. Caffery's office with some skepticism. However, I was at the end of my ropes with the high anxiety, heart palpitations, lack of sleep, stomach pains absent libido & basic feeling of being down. I had been experiencing these symptoms since my diagnosis of Hashimoto Disease about 8 years ago. I kept feeling like there was something else I should be doing beside just the Synthroid.

After Dr. Caffery's interventions, just 4 months later, I am free of heart palpitations, my anxiety levels have decreased significantly, stomach pains have resolved and I have an overall feeling of contentment with my life similar to how I felt prior to the thyroid diagnosis. Functionally, this has allowed me to make better, clearer decisions in both my personal and professional lives. I would recommend Dr. Caffery to anyone who wants to be proactive about their health and feeling their very best every day."

"Hi Dr. Caffery,

I wanted to let you know that I had my appointment with my Nephrologist this morning to review blood labs from Monday. Remember, I was put on notice due to decreasing GFR and increasing LDL counts the last several visits.

Well, I can report that I kicked my kidney's butt this visit!!!! Her labs showed GFR at 39 and LDL at 104.

Now I don't have to go back for another 6 months, but more importantly NO MEDS!!

I can't thank you enough for guiding me through this. You have had the biggest impact on my health than anyone I've ever been associated with. Again, I can not thank you enough!!"
- Charles Gaboriau

"I am a 43 year old woman. I spent my youth and 20's pretty healthy. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21. It was nothing that oral contraceptives couldn't take care of. I did have high cholesterol at 25 even though I exercised, ate well and was in generally good health. I had a family history so I wasn't surprised. Besides, it was nothing a little Lipitor couldn't take care of.

All was well.

I got married at 32 and promptly decided to come off birth control and start trying to have children. Fortunately, I was blessed with 2 happy and healthy pregnancies that resulted in my children.

That's when things started to get screwy.

After my kids were born, I just didn't feel like myself. By the age of 40 I had been to cardiologists taking stress tests and echo's and ending up on blood pressure medicine. I went to a GI doctor getting upper and lower GI studies finding nothing except a bad gall bladder that had to be removed. I went to endocrinologists who tested my adrenals and thyroid and put me on metformin for my PCOS. Everything was fine they said. I went to an ENT for my chronic congestion who put me on allergy meds and nasal sprays. My primary care doctor said I was fine and that all I had to do was lose a little weight. I tried to lose weight to no avail.

I was 42 and I was fine according to all my doctors, but I was a mess and taking way more medicine than I felt that I should have to. I was frustrated because I knew in my gut that something was wrong but nobody could tell me what it was.

A friend had been telling me about Dr. Caffery for a couple of years and how he helped her. To be honest, he sounded like a crackpot and a whackadoo. I was desperate though and thought I might as well give it a shot. It couldn't hurt, right?

I made my first appointment with Dr. Caffery with much hesitation and skepticism. He ran a boatload of bloodwork and had me fill out a questionnaire that seemed almost ridiculous before we even met. Then came my initial appointment. I was surprised. He was young, but he knew his science. ( I am a science geek after all) He was the first doctor to connect all the dots and give me a definitive diagnosis right away. He was also able to explain how all my symptoms were interconnected and WHY I was experiencing them. That first appointment was over an hour and I left with a bunch of supplements and a plan for a new lifestyle.

Now I was REALLY skeptical. I just bought all these pills and I have to completely change my diet? He must be a crackpot just trying to take my money. I promised myself that I was going to give it a try and do what he said. If nothing else, I could prove that he was a whackadoo who was trying to scam me.

That initial elimination diet was hard. I started to feel better though. My congestion cleared up right away. I got lightheaded. I took my blood pressure and it was 90/50. Within a week of the elimination diet, I had to take myself off of blood pressure medicine. I have been off of it ever since. Maybe Caffery isn't so crazy.

I met with him again a month later. I was sure he was going to rush me out like so many conventional doctors do. He didn't. He took his time to check in with me and tweak things. I left with a plan of what came next and more importantly, WHY I was doing the things I was doing.

This is how it went for several more months. I kept feeling better and better.

It has now been a year. I've lost about 15lbs. (not as much as I would like to, but not bad) I'm off of all my prescription medicine (with approval of my primary care doctor as well) My blood pressure is normal. My cholesterol is normal (a first in nearly 20 years). I don't have cysts on my ovaries for the first time since diagnosis over 20 years ago. I don't need to take allergy medicine anymore because I am no longer congested. Oh and my skin has cleared up without my even trying....

I feel normal and that is a beautiful thing. My friends have noticed the change in the past year, but more importantly I feel like I can be a better wife and mother to my family....simply because I feel better.

I owe a lot to my whackadoo doctor. Listen to him, he know's what he's talking about."

"Dr. Chris Caffery was a God send to us in a very desperate time in our lives. Our 4 year old child had been diagnosed with a list of mental health illnesses and we were told that he needed to begin medications. As a parent desperate keep our child off of anti-psychotics we began perusing alternative routes. After a great amount of prayer and research we discovered Functional Neurology and Dr. Caffery. Our child’s life has been forever changed. 

Dr. Caffery thoroughly and accurately assessed and treated our child in a holistic manner getting to the root causes, and not just managing the outer symptoms. Within a short period of six months, remarkable changes occurred. Through his personalized therapies, diets and supplements Dr. Caffery has helped our child gain neurological maturity resulting in drastic changes. Severe behaviors stopped quickly into our treatment, anxiety disappeared, he eventually began sleeping through the night, his attention and focus increased remarkably and he gained improvements in his motor skills. Family members, friends and teachers noticed these changes right away. 

Dr. Caffery and the practice of functional neurology has been an amazing gift to our family. At our last appointment we were reviewing our child’s progress and were overwhelmed by how far he has come in such a short amount of time. Dr. Caffery made the comment that the trajectory of his life is forever changed, for the better. Those words were so powerful to us because it was not too long ago we were sitting face to face with a psychologist hearing the words that our child is on a trajectory to a more serious diagnoses in the future, and "to be prepared for these behaviors to continue to intensify and become more negative." Today we rejoice because that is not the case at all! Our sweet boy started kindergarten this year and is thriving in school, growing in his relationships and is for the first time able to successfully enjoy the same activities as his peers. We see him excelling in life and we are forever grateful that God is healing our son through the precise and highly effective treatment of Dr. Caffery!" 
- Jeremy & Staci Daniel


"I came to Dr. Caffery 3 months ago. My daily life was being affected because of dizziness that I have had for 2 years. Before I found Dr. Caffery I had several visits to medical doctors who diagnosed me with benign positional vertigo. My symptoms were worsening daily and I could only sleep in an upwright position on my back. I had to stop all physical activity and had become fearful to drive my car.

Out of desperation I began to search the internet for help. I am so blessed to have found Dr. Caffery. Dr. Caffery reviewed by bloodwork and interviewed me regarding all my symptoms. 

He explained everything in detail to me and placed me on a plan of specific supplements, a new diet that eliminated foods that were contributing to my symptoms. He also gave me some specific brain exercises that I performed each day.

After 3 months my dizziness is completely gone and I feel like myself again.

I thank you Dr. Caffery for the phenominal care you have given me and for helping me restore my health again."


"Thank you Dr. Chris and Lauren, for all you have done to help Emma. We are so grateful for all the wonderful people who have so gracefully come into her life. You both have been such a blessing to her and our entire family. She is stronger than ever, and each day she is here with us is a blessing. You have given her such a better life with your care and knowledge and understanding. We are forever grateful for all the time you have spent teaching me and caring for Emma. I know they say God will only give you what you can handle, but you came into our lives at such a time where I coundn't handle much more. I truly believe you saved her and if not for you both, she may not be here to enjoy the holidays with us. Merry Christmas to you and your family."
- Love from the Bryan Family


"My name is Sandi Loeper and I have had many diagnoses over the years such as Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Fybromyalgia, Polymyositis, Chronic Fatigue, Hashimoto’s Disease, Hypothyroidism, Brain Fog, Chronic Bladder Infections, Hormonal Imbalance, Barrett’s Disease, Ulcers, Insomnia and more. My symptoms ranged from severe pain, having a great deal of difficulty falling asleep and not staying asleep once I did fall asleep, poor memory; I would get to an intersection I had been to a hundred times and forget which way to go. When this confusion occurred, many times I was brought to tears and sometimes near hysteria. The fear I experienced, because of these symptoms, was great. I would reach for the words to say not remembering the simplest dialogue. My balance was off and I tripped and fell frequently. The fatigue my body was experiencing was great. I dealt with chronic nausea the tenderness in my stomach needing laxatives intermittently. I was told due to the Barrett’s Disease, I would have to take Nexium the rest of my life. I also experienced a great deal of bloating and edema. My vision was blurred a great deal of the time and my body full of inflammation causing chronic pain. My balance did not exist and I contracted headaches regularly. My head, legs and arms felt so heavy sometimes, I felt as though I could not hold my head up any longer and I had to lie down frequently. I had forgotten what a decent night’s sleep was like as I had not slept through the night in years, endless nights not even being able to fall asleep. It was difficult to drive any distance due to fatigue. The only treatment for the Hashimoto’s Disease was keeping check on my TSH and prescribing Synthroid or Levoxyl. Needless to say, my life was stressful due to my body struggling day in and day out for normalcy.

Dr. Chris Caffery has been treating me for approximately 9 months and he has been brilliant and conscientious in his treatment. I learned the Hashimoto’s Disease was effecting nearly every system in my body and he is addressing each one to bring me to health.

My last endoscopy after being treated by Dr. Chris for several months resulted in the specialist telling me I no longer had to take the Nexium. I no longer get confused at the intersections I have visited for 20 some years and I don't get lost when I go somewhere new anymore. My balance has improved and I no longer fall all the time. I no longer grope for simple words in conversation. I have more energy and have learned what a full night’s sleep feels like. The pain in my stomach and nausea has fallen away after twenty years and I no longer have to take laxatives. My hormonal system has come to balance and my headaches are non-existent. My body no longer bloats and my vision is clear. The chronic bladder infections are less frequent and less severe. The inflammation in my body has lessened dramatically as has the pain. Driving is no longer such a chore. The tissues in my body have changed. I am told, I even look younger. I am certainly happier and have much joy.

I continue to treat with Dr. Caffery to come to realize my complete wholeness. I never thought I would ever achieve such wellness in this lifetime. Dr. Caffery is diligently finding all the pieces to the puzzle. I have been on this journey for over twenty years. Working with Dr. Chris is truly the best decision and investment I have ever made.

My life has improved a hundred fold and I celebrate daily.

Thank you Dr. Chris!"
- Sandi Loeper


" I had the greatest month ever! I LOVED the 3 week detox.
I have zero gallbladder pain
I have Zero fatigue after eating and I am back to one glysen
I have zero headaches, zero indigestion, zero bloating.
My energy is through the roof and I am walking 5 days a week and just started yoga 2 days a week.
My ability to cope with this on going, gut wrenching stress is VASTLY improved and I lost 19.5 lbs without trying.

I followed your instructions to a t and have made some good recipes like "not tuna pate "(almonds and sunflower seeds) and chicken avocado salad.
I am almost giddy at what's to come."
- Dorothy S.


"My results with you are phenominal and I have never been more satisfied with all my doctors combined as I am with you. You and your knowledge about the body have honestly changed my life, as well as defined my past. There are not enough thank yous in the world for that."
- Karen O'Donnell


"I came to Dr. Caffery after experiencing extreme anxiety and sudden panic attacks. My first reaction was to visit my primary care physician who suggested starting an antidepressant that should resolve all the problems. After some research on the medication I was prescribed, I decided the side effects of the drug and bandage approach of prescription medication was not for me. After consulting Dr. Caffery he ran some initial test to help identify areas that were causing the actual problem. Soon afterwords, a plan was devised to help address certain nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances by way of a natural, functional approach. After implementing Dr. Caffery’s recommendations with supplement and dietary habit and intake change, my anxiety and panic attacks have disappeared as suddenly as they appeared.

One more thing of note about Dr. Caffery, his care knows no bounds. I happen to live over 1,000 miles from his office location and I have received the utmost care and attention from he and his staff. Thank you Dr. Caffery and Dr. Lauren for your approach to the wellness and welfare of your patients!"
- Travis, Mississippi


"Going to Dr. Caffery has been a very interesting experience for me. Unlike with other doctors appointments, Dr. Caffery shows your progresses and your struggles, while helping you accomplish more. We are very lucky to have such an expert in his profession in the area!"
- Kris, 7th grade


"I have been having the best months of my life - no joking. My rest is truly restful, and focus at work is actually on queue, meaning I'm working and being productive, being able to exert the concentration and energy when I need to. I just wanted to convey the positive results I'm experiencing. Thank you!"
- Scott A.


"I am normally not one to post my personal health issues on a website, but my experiences as a patient of Drs. Chris and Lauren Caffery deserve to be shared. Especially with those who are considering seeking their help, and who feel that they have so far been getting somewhat impersonal and superficial attention to their own unique questions and issues. At my first office visit, Dr. Chris Caffery conducted a meticulous examination and became very familiar with my medical history. He conducted a thorough neurological examination, and followed it a few days later with a clear, detailed explanation of his findings, conclusions, and recommended appropriate treatments. I felt very much a part of this process, in large part due to his highly approachable and open manner when interacting with patients, and the confidence he instills with his insight and knowledge. By following the course of treatment Dr. Caffery recommended, I soon experienced noticeable improvements. I look forward to continuing my treatments with Dr. Caffery, and I recommend him with the utmost confidence."
- Peter D.


"About 1-½ years ago I started feeling sick. I had sleeping problems, I was told I needed anti depressants and that I had type 2 diabetes. A dietitian at Doylestown hospital told me of Dr. Chris and recommended I see him.

I was very impressed once I met Dr’s Chris and Lauren. Dr. Chris actually listened to me. I could tell he would help me. Dr. Chris suspected I had food allergies and he was right. He had me do a detox program and change my diet. In a few short months my diabetes was gone. I chose to stop taking the anti depressants and that was a good choice. I still have some issues which we are working on. But there is no magic pill. Some things just take time. Visiting Dr’s. Chris and Lauren is a different experience. They are always on time, they always make you feel comfortable and most important they always take the time to listen to you. I will continue working with them. I have no doubt I will continue to progress."
- Michael L.


"My health problems began when I was 12 years old, with severe insomnia, depression, and migraines. By the time I was 28, I was so sick I could no longer function. I had been to 6 different psychiatrists, 4 neurologists, 5 OBGYNs, and Endocrinologist, a nutritionist, an accupuncturist, and coutless GPs. I'd been diagnosed at various times with PCOS, Manic Depression, Depression, and Narcolepsy. I'd been prescribed over 20 different medications with few benefits and a host of adverse effects, been hospitalized a number of times, and institutionalized twice. 

When I came to Dr. Caffery, I was in chronic pain. I rarely slept, couldn't eat, suffered vivid hallucinations and ran the gamut of emotional disorders. I no longer felt like a human being and my life was a disaster. The other doctors I'd seen in the last 17 years hadn't given me much hope. I'd been told that my symptoms would only get worse as I aged, and that prolonged institutionalization was the likely outcome for someone with my difficult collection of illnesses.

I didn't expect much more from this Doctor, but right away I was amazed at Dr. Caffery's approach. Instead of separating all my illnesses by symptoms and body systems, he treated me like a whole person.
I've been in treatment with him for 5 months now, and I feel better than I have in 10 years. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Chris's attention to details and dedication to his patients. After 17 years of hearing that nothing could be done or that I would only get worse, I am approaching my 30th birthday with health, energy, and vitality, a clear head, and a calm heart. I can not thank Functional Neurology Associates enough for this new lease on life."
- Melissa L.


"I was a complete mess when I was referred to Dr.’s Chris and Lauren Caffery. I was dealing with severe depression as well as other physical and mental issues. I had been to more doctors than I can count and nobody was able to help me. I have to admit I was very skeptical at first, as I had been to just about every type of doctor and specialist there is, but I figured it was worth a shot. I was immediately impressed by the way Dr. Chris and Dr. Lauren seemed to genuinely care about me and were truly willing to do anything they could to help me. At one point Dr. Chris even offered to go shopping with me on his free time and help me pick out the correct food for my diet. Within three months of my treatment my family and friends began to notice significant improvements, by four months I felt like a new person and was amazed at the results. I will NEVER be able to begin to thank the Caffery's for literally changing my life!"
- Nick P.


"I had numerous health issues when I contacted Dr. Chris & Lauren Caffery. I was going through menopause, overweight, tired, achy, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, to name a few things going on with me....not to mention depression that had overtaken my life. I was taking lots of medication prescribed to me from other doctors. I did not get better until I made the changes Dr. Chris & Lauren Caffery suggested for me. They helped me by discovering food allergies I was not aware of. They helped me by providing nutrition information for my body type. They prescribed supplements that my body was lacking. They gave me moral support and cheered me on! I lost 32 pounds in the first 90 days following their recommendations. Dr. Caffery told me I was not eating enough...And helped me get my metabolism up...And I eat 2 - 3 times more than I ever ate before, and still losing weight. (this part was hard to believe!) I have quit taking my antidepressant medication, my cholesterol & triglyceride medication, and most of my blood pressure medication. I have nothing but praise for these two doctors. They rescued me. I feel like a new woman with a whole new outlook!!!!!"
- Sherri C.


"Visiting Drs. Chris and Lauren Caffery is the best thing I've done for my health in a long, long time! After the most comprehensive physical I've ever had, Dr. Chris diagnosed and confirmed gluten sensitivity. Eliminating gluten from my diet has ended all of the intestinal and stomach distress which was mis-diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and had been causing me pain, distress and embarrassment for years! Knocking off my symptoms one-by-one starting with the most serious, under their care, I am getting better and better. Conditions that I thought I were genetic would simply have to be endured such as high blood pressure, insomnia and fatigue are responding under Dr. Caffery's care. Chris and Lauren bring new evidence-based techniques that make sense and resonate with me - and produce results! Thanks, Chris and Lauren!"
- Pat L.


"I have all wonderful things to say about the most up-to-date methods Drs. Chris & Lauren Caffery use to make you feel & function better as a person! I have never had a more comprehensive evaluation on myself. They actually take the time to find out what your medical issues are, and explain why they are happening. But the most amazing thing they do is getting you feeling better without prescription drugs. You can walk into their office in pain, and walk out feeling great! You'll find out so much about yourself, and how your brain functions. I have never met two doctors so dedicated to helping people! I highly recommend them."
- Michele B.


"I had plantar fascitis for 6 months. None of the traditional approaches worked. Dr. Caffery resolved my pain with one treatment."
- Sherri C.


"My cholesterol was well over 300. With simple dietary changes my cholesterol dropped 100 points in just a few months. Nothing had ever worked before."
- Bill W.


"After having staph for one year, my infection was gone after 3.5 weeks of targeted nutritional supplementation. My other doctors was amazed."
- Gloria W.


"I have been getting a severe rash all over my body for years. The doctors said it was allergic. My eyes swelled shut when I slept, I oozed, and itched all over. I tried all the drugs, nothing helped. Dr. Caffery corrected a fatty acid imbalance, my rash resolved and has not come back."
- Cynthia W.